Activities At Sandpipers Resort

When it comes to activities, Sandpipers has two seasons. The winter season, basically November through March, is non-stop activities that some compare to a cruise ship. The summer season is equally enjoyable but offering a more laid-back approach to life.

Activities at Sandpipers are guest-driven, and so vary somewhat from year to year depending on our guest’s interests. Some things never change though. Water volleyball, petanque, tennis, bicycle rides, and golf at one of the nearby courses, are always on the schedule. But you will also find theatrical and musical performances, parties, happy hours, wine classes, birding and whatever else one can imagine. Oh, and food, there’s always plenty of food events. And, to help counteract our love of food, there is a variety of exercise classes offered including the current favorite - zumba. If curling up in a chaise lounge with a good book is more your idea of fun, there’s plenty of quiet spaces waiting for you.

Give us a call and start making your arrangements to visit Sandpipers. There is always something going on.