Sandpipers RV Resort is a premier nudist resort in Texas.  We strive to give our guests one of the best nudist camping experiences around.  We have some of the nicest amenities in the area.

All of our amenities are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your enjoyment.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Our heated Olympic style pool is perfect for swimming laps, doing water aerobics, or just floating around to keep cool and visit with friends.

Hot Tub

The large oval hot tub measure 20 x 12 so there is plenty of room to enjoy the hot water while visiting or just star gazing.  This hot tub is the perfect place for nudist campers to ease their tired muscles after play tennis, pickle ball, shuffleboard or pétanque.

Large Bath House

We ask our guests to shower off before entering the pools or hot tub. There are plenty of shower heads to accommodate multiple guests with complimentary hot water. Keep in mind we are a nudist resort so there are no cloths of any kind allowed in our pools or hot tub.

Volleyball Pool

There is a separate pool we have just for those who love to play water volleyball. There are two courts to provide lots of places for our players. We can fit up to sixteen people on the large court and ten people on the smaller court. We have volleyball tournaments and offer a ladies-only day on Wednesdays.

Patio and Poolside Gazebo

Surrounding the pool is a large patio area with plenty of seating for our nude sunbathers. We also have a large shaded area with several table and chairs. This is a great place to play games outdoors or just visit with friends.


Our entertainment hub is PIZZAZZ!  There we host an in-house band, DJ night, Karaoke, in-house theater productions, exercise classes, our Annual Nude Olympics and more.

Pickle Ball Courts

Pickle Ball is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in America.  We have put in a brand-new Pickle Ball court for our guests enjoyment.  It is great exercise that is not too hard on your body and joints.  

Tennis Courts

Our tennis courts have been recently resurfaced.  We have night lights and excellent gear to use.

Petanque Courts

Pétanque is a game where individuals or teams throw a ball towards a smaller target ball.  The goal is to get 13 points playing out in a series of rounds. 

Shuffleboard Courts

Shuffleboard has a history of going back over 500 years! A player sends a weighted disc down a narrow court with a cue. There are marked scoring areas to aim for. The person with the most points, wins!


Our guests get to enjoy perfectly prepared meals in FLIP FLOPZ on Friday nights, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast.  There a potlucks once a month and other special events like Thanksgiving Dinner and Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Laundry Room

Even though we are a nudist rv park, there are times when the laundry just has to be done.  Especially towels which are with us wherever we go!  Plus, clean clothes are great to have on hand when leaving the park.

Library and WIFI Hotspot

If you like to read this is the spot for you.  We have an extensive library with a varied collection of books.  We hold a monthly book club there as well.  Also, there are free WIFI Hotspots throughout the park.  

Gym / Workout Room

We provide the best in workout equipment.  Our workout room comes complete with a treadmill, weights and an elliptical and is open to all of our guests.  

JAKZ Recreational Game Room

There are games going on most days at JAKZ.  We offer everything from Poker, Bingo, Dominos, Mexican Train, Mahjong, Jokers, Shanghai to Euchre.  We have a selection of puzzles for those who love to put puzzles together.  There is a table shuffleboard and a pool table for your enjoyment.  What better place to hang out with friends when the weather is too cool to play out side.

ZPARK (Area for Pet Exercising)

We all love our pets and this is an awesome park for your pets.  We have only two requirements when taking your dog to the park, please have them on a leash and pick up after them.  

Vist our ACTIVITIES page to see some of our Resort organized and Guest organized activities.